Privacy Policy

The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about our company and its associated services and is not supplied directly in return for commercial gain.

We may collect personal details from users who register for the supply of further information. The details collected enable us to respond to user enquiries and obtain a measure of users' needs, interests and ideas for future web site development.

Registered users’ details will not be shared with any third-party organisations for commercial purposes.

Collection of Information

We collect and store information for our own internal purposes only. This includes, contact via email informing you about updates, changes in services and the latest information. We reserve the right to disclose your information as required by law, although aside for legal requirements we promise to keep this personal information absolutely private and will not be released to any Third Parties, whatsoever, irrespective of the circumstances.

External Links

This may contain links to other companies and their websites. We are not responsible for, and makes no representations about, the privacy policies of such companies or the contents of their websites. LennoxOnline is not to be held responsible for any relationships, damages or losses, you may have with a third party related to our website.

Retention of Information

We will retain your personal information for a reasonable time. If you wish your details to be removed from mailing lists it is likely that you may continue to receive email updates for a brief period of time, until our records and databases have been updated with the change in circumstances. Also your personal information will remain on our archived database and records for a reasonable time, however, although this information will never be used for any purpose.

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