Anti Spam Policy

We treat allegations of SPAM extremely seriously and therefore implement a 'Zero Tolerance Policy' where any and all cases of SPAM are concerned. Quite simply, if one of our members does anything at all to breach our SPAM policies, then they will be excluded with immediate effect, losing all benefits in the process.

Ignorance is no defence where SPAM is concerned - if you are at all unsure as to whether what you are proposing to do is SPAM then please read this whole section thoroughly or contact us to check first.

What is Spam?

SPAM, also referred to as Unsolicited Bulk E-mail, Mass E-mail, Junk E-mail or Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), is the scourge of the Internet and costs all of us indirectly many millions in lost money (not to mention the lost time and energy spent downloading and reading/deleting them). In short SPAM is a message that advertises goods or services in the following situations:
Off-topic or excessively multi-posted messages posted to Newsgroups, Message Boards or any other sort of Forum, unless such posts are expressly allowed by the owners.
Email sent to people you do not know
Email sent to people you know, but who are not expecting a solicitation from you
Messaging systems such as ICQ or AOL Instant Messenger or solicitations posted to chat rooms
Any offline activities that, while not considered SPAM, are similar in nature including distributing flyers or leaflets on Private Property or where prohibited by applicable Rules, Regulations or Laws

Our Anti-Spam Policy

All acts of SPAM are prohibited. If you SPAM then your account will be terminated immediately and you will lose any referrals, unpaid monies and the right to open any sort of account with us in the future, without exception.

Furthermore, if you have a member in your downline whose account is terminated due to spamming then you will lose the benefit of those referrals, in terms of their downline and any accrued income relating to that downline! It is therefore, in everybody's interest to adopt a SPAM free approach. Always ensure that everyone you refer understands their responsibility to act professionally in their business dealings and also the correct ways to promote EthosVision International and it's policies.

Any monies confiscated from Spammers and lost referral earnings will be donated to a charity of our choosing.

Depending on the seriousness of your actions, Spamming may also have legal implications. If there are any threats to our 'Business Integrity' from the actions of a Spammer then we will pursue them with the full force of the law wherever they may be.

How to stop Spam

If you wish to actively stop SPAM then the following is suggested:

Do not reply to SPAM
If you receive SPAM, report it to the relevant Company and/or delete it unread

Reporting Spam Abuse

If you have agreed to receive email messages and the sender has included their contact information and a method of removal, this cannot be considered as ‘Spam’.

However, if you feel you have received a message in error and want to notify us, please contact us by phone immediately to submit a complaint regarding ‘Spam’, which we will investigate forthwith.

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